The Talented Zimkitha Kumbaca, popularly known by her stage name ZimkithA with a capital “A” is a Xhosa actress, playwriter and musician from King William’s town in the Eastern Cape. She studied Drama & Film, majoring in Acting Techniques, at Tshwane University of Technology. ZimkithA has been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years now. She describes her singing, acting and playwriting as journeys that play an important role to her passion for storytelling.

ZimkithA comes from an artistic background. She was exposed to art at a very tender age. Her father was a gospel musician and her mother was a theatre/film actress and a radio drama scriptwriter. She says her singing career was inspired by the likes of Nina Simon, Busi Mhlongo and Miriam Makeba. She further says was heavy influenced by Kwaito and Hip Hop.

She does not have any specific genre. She has worked on hip hop, new age Kwaito, Jazz, blues, Afro tech, Afro house, Dubstep and Gospel songs. ZimkithA told Tsa Pitori that she believes in pioneering a new sound that redefines South Africa yet screams international. “At the moment I am on a journey of redefining RnB and neo-soul”-ZimkithA.

ZimkithA made her first television debut as a lead actress in award winning series “Matatiela”, that was directed by one of the best directors in industry, Roli Nikiwe and Zuko Nododa. She starred in the four-part series “Emjindini” as Thembelihle. She further starred in Mojalove Television’s telenovela, “Hope” as Joyce Masondo. 2012, she co-wrote the script and wrote music for the play, “trapped”, which later showcased in Austria at Salzburg’s Young Directors Festival. She also featured on Molemi’s A SIA album on a song tittled “Siyavuka”. 2013 she produced “confessions of a Blacklisted woman: She Bellows” which showcased in various theatre festivals. In 2017, ZimkithA released and launched her first ever Ep, tittled Zamandlovu the Ep at the Platform.

She has recently released an Ep tittled “ZimkithA Rebirth” with Beatmochini, whom she describes as one of the hottest producers in the country. ZimkithA is currently working on another EP that is set to be released soon. “I am also preparing for a new single that I did with Shona and Dj Vareli Ci, tittled Kolota”-ZimkithA. She has also been featured on 2 tracks (Tsena and Maratong) that are part of the Sound tracks of Matwetwe a local movie. ZimkithA is also working on a new play, tittled “Cup full of Sorrow: One teaspoon of happiness”.

ZimkithA says to upcoming artists: “Don’t chase fame, it’s not worth it. Master your craft, study your craft, read about it, watch shows and invest in your craft”. She says learn about people and understand people. “When you want to venture into singing, one must take care of their voice because it’s their instrument, their weapon and treasure”, said ZimkithA.

You can get in touch with ZimkithA on her social media platforms.
On Twitter she is @zimkitha_sa
Instagram: @zimkitha_sa
Her music is available at:
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.co.za/zimkitha


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