Monni Monyeki 28 from Hammaskraal, Mathibestad, RDP, went missing on the 29 May 2021. She was found by the community members on Sunday, 13 June buried at Mathibestad, in the forest allegedly  killed by her boyfriend. A community Member Letlaka Letlaka who was part of the searching team said Monyeki was with her daughter when this horrific incident happened they were both allegedly drugged.

According to her daughter, the perpetrator is allegedly her mother’s boyfriend who happened to be a prophet at (ZCC) church and used to help them (go Phetha) in  Setswana language. Letlaka said Monyeki’s daughter was unconscious and befuddled when she woke up and they were in a forest and her mother was in a wheelbarrow. She was allegedly told to go home and she did.

When the community of Mathibestad, heard what happened they went to look for Monni, unfortunately, they couldn’t find her. The suspect was arrested and they asked constable Tshabalala who was assigned to deal with this case to ask the suspect to show them where he buried Monyeki.

On Sunday 13 June 2021 the police called and told Letlaka they will be going to the crime scene with the perpetrator for him to show them where the remains of Monyeki are. According to Letlaka the same day which he kidnapped Monyeki and her daughter was the day which he killed her because the same forest her daughter mentioned is where she was buried.

Lesego Machaba said “it is painful and the sad part is that she is not the only one nor the last, what are we doing about it? Nothing. Furthermore, we see this happening and nothing is done to rectify what was done to the victims. We simply need a death penalty because we are tired of endless protests due to domestic violence”.The court proceeding will take place today on Tuesday at Temba Magistrate Court. #ladi_jaja?

By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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