Rosina Phala better known as Roskid is a 20 year old born and bred in Pretoria, the go getter is the cofounder of Ambitiouz TV which aims to uplift and motivates the youth. Ambitiouz TV rose to prominence last year 2020 August following the inspiration by Roskid’s father when he created a show to submit to Pretoria TV. “My father motivated me to start Ambitiouz TV when he created a show early last year called Single Mumz and Kidz, he did it to submit to Pretoria TV,” Roskid explained.

As the show was still in process as they were still shooting it, the star said that is when she came up with her own show called #YoungMumz. “I started the show #YoungMumz with the help from both my parents following the fact that my friends got pregnant at a very young age and all of them have different stories to tell,” she said.

#YoungMumz opened channels for Roskid it played a role in getting her deeper into the industry. Her shows play on Mpuma Kapa TV channel 260 on DSTV. “I have another show which will be playing on Soweto TV channel 251 this current month of September. The show is named Frezh and Fabulouz,” She explained. Currently Roskid is working a new TV show Engaphakathi which is sponsored by We Buy & Sell Taxis owned by MR Magaela and will be broadcast in October.

“I am the first young girl in my hood to have a show playing on DSTV and for that, I thank god as I see this as an Achievement,” Roskid said. She said, obstacles came her way when a proposal was submitted to relevant satellites for having her own TV channel but unfortunately because of experience it got declined. “At that time we decided to adjust our vision. Ambitiouz Planet TV is now a production company that produces content and submit to other broadcasting channels as time goes by when we have gained experience and knowledge we will create our TV channel,” she said.

The young woman said Connie Ferguson is her role model because she is a woman, she is independent and successful. “I foresee my company grow with 100 employees (youth) because I am all about inspiring and empowering,” she said. One of her goals is to have an acting and presenting agency where she will get an opportunity to teach and train actors and presenters on how to act around the camera. “I want my company to produce the best known telenovela, sitcoms and reality shows,” She concluded. #ladi_jaja?

By: Mpho Khena.

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