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Petros Sithole is a 27-year-old paralegal and researcher from Winterveldt in the north of Pretoria. He woŕks for the family law department at Sigama Attorneys. In his spare time, he advocates for children’s rights. He is an author that writes with the aim of addressing the issue of children growing up without their father’s love, care and support. As the author of “Daddy Duty” he explains that the motivation was derived from his personal experience as a young man with a child.

The book is written to encourage men to honour their fatherhood responsibilities, enjoy the journey and share their experience with other men. Petros started writing in 2016 whilst in varsity, his first book was written a week after her daughter was born in 2017 and got published in 2018. “I do not intend to remain a writer forever, however I want to help create a healthy environment. I want to form a movement that will encourage young parents to honour their responsibilities regardless of their immediate circumstances between the two parents.” He said

Petros has already formed a group with young parents and assists them with legal and socials problems, including counselling by professionals. Growing up in the under-developed Winterveldt with less than 100 people in the neighbourhood, Petros spent most of his time playing indoors and alone. He grew up around his two siblings, and mother. His father’s job required him to constantly travel out of the country. For Petros being the first-born meant taking on most of the responsibility at a young age. “As a boy, such situations force you to be a man at a very tender age.” He said

With our country having an extraordinarily high number of absent fathers, Petros tries to address the void. Petros told Tsa Pitori that he is currently working on another thriller novel about a single mother, he intends to publish it in 2021. More information will be shared about the date it will be published on. #ladi_jaja?

Article By: Thuli Galane.

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