For the past six months Ridah Chauke (53) has allegedly had to rely on adult nappies after a botched operation that left her with a punctured bladder done at Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital. Chauke’s son Ofentse Chauke said that he took his mother to the hospital early January with womb and fibroids related issues which resulted in the hospital having to perform an operation on his mother.

“Two days after two big operations which are removing the womb and the fibroids I received a call from the hospital that my mom has been discharged.” Chauke said that taking his mother home, in less than a week came with challenges as his mother could not hold urine anymore. “At that time my mom couldn’t stand up and go to the toilet, her urine leaked endlessly,” he said.

“A week after my mom was admitted at Dr George Mukhari Hospital there were a lot of complications as she couldn’t do most of the things on her own like standing up nor walking that’s when it came to our attention that it was as a result of the operation that was done on her. I considered lodging a complaint but came to terms that maybe it must have been a mistake from the hospital as they are also human beings,” Chauke said.

“Immediately I called Doctor Dilebo and he said that he is so sorry my mom wasn’t supposed to be discharged I should take her back to the hospital,” Chauke explained.  “At the same time the operation had an infection, I took her to Gynecology back at George Mukhari.”

Chauke said that when they got back at the hospital, they allegedly gave them a prescription of medication for the bladder and they said that the medication will help his mother with the peeing complications. “that is where our nightmare got even worse. Immediately when we were leaving room 2 at Gynecology my mothers intestines fell out,” Chauke said.

After all of this I lodged a complaint where I was told I would have to wait for about seven days to receive the feedback, I didn’t have that time! previous Monday they had took my mom for an operation without even making me aware or any of the family members aware,” Chauke said.

Dr LM Dilebo said that he is aware of all the allegations but he was only working on Chauke as a student Doctor. “I am just an intern at the hospital, I suggest you talk to the seniors as they are the ones who can give you a Proper explanation,“ Dr Dilebo said. Thuso Montwedi, at Dr George Mukhari communications Department said that all the allegations will be answered through an email, unfortunately no response had been received to the allegations by time of publication.

Chauke said that all he wants is her mother in one piece as he took her to the hospital not in that condition but because he wanted her mother to get well.” Im suing the hospital, and I want people to know Dr George Mukhari neglugence. We need to speak out about the hospital and I am not only doing it for my mom but for the community as a whole,” Chauke concluded.

In another incident, an anonymous source claimed that she got admitted at Dr George Mukhari hospital in 2019 with fibroids related issues but unfortunately her bladder got cut mistakenly during the operation. “Talking to you now I rely on diapers left to bear the cost of diapers and I am unemployed, I mean who can employ someone who can’t even hold her pee?”

By: Mpho Khena.

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