A 32-year-old women, Natasha Bayer from Pretoria North is facing murder charges for killing her boyfriend. Mere cigarette led to the murder of the deceased. On Valentines day when couples were celebrating their love, this couple were fighting which turned into a horrific situation, the couple from Pretoria North had an argument over cigarettes, the deceased is alleged  to be the one that picked a fight with Natasha who happens to be the mother of his seven-year-old son. During the altercation Natasha took a knife and stabbed the boyfriend. He did not die on the scene he managed to lock Natasha inside the house then drove off.

According to IOL men was pronounced dead when the police arrived where his car was found, with paramedics who had already tried helping him out. The deceased man’s residence, which he shared with Beyers, was tracked down by police. She was found locked inside then explained that the deceased had locked her inside. Natasha is not a first-time offender of the law she was once convicted for theft and also perjury. Police arrested her on the spot.

Beyers’ lawyer read an affidavit in court in which she acknowledged to stabbing the dead. She did, however, ask to be released on bail. Bail has been granted at the Pretoria North District Court for R3 000.

Prosecutor Nkhangweleni Phanuel Mudavhi told the court that the State had a strong case against the defendant and that releasing her on bail was not in the best interests of justice.The court determined that Beyers was not a flight risk and that she was unlikely to flee the country. Bail was given to her. Further investigations are to commence, the matter has been postponed to the 24th of March 2022.

By: Palesa Maneli.

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