Winter is here! Temperatures are low. For some people, this is an exciting season because they get to spend more time indoors. They get to spend time with their loved ones and doing what they like. This includes exploring in the kitchen (preparing new different dishes), knitting, redecorating their houses or reading a book next to a fire place.

Although the temperatures are low, there are plenty of fun activities that can be done outside on a cold winter day. Those pass time activities include having fire nights with friends and family, going ice skating and ice fishing just to name a few. The beauty of winter is that it doesn’t limit anyone to be outdoors. In fact some people prefer cold seasons compared to summer days.

When it comes to fashion, winter is a difficult season to dress up for. Not knowing what to wear on a cold day can be stressing and it may lead to staying indoors. But there is no need to panic when you still have a pair of leggings. One can say they are a thing for summer but they really come in handy when you wear them underneath your jeans.

Don’t change the whole wardrobe. Be creative. Winter size your look by combining your summer clothes with your winter clothes.  For example, wear a summer dress with a sweater, leggings and boots. A mini skirt, leggings and boots with bottle neck sweater are best friends. Complement your look with a scarf and a knitted hat.

Color is everything! Get colors that will compliment your look. Don’t go for dark colors or too colorful, because that will make you look like you don’t know what you are doing. Don’t wear a sweater, a jacket and a coat at the same time. That will make you look more like a clown and it may make you feel uncomfortable. Wear covered shoes such as sneakers and boots with socks. They will keep you warm throughout winter.

During winter season, most people tend to eat food that contains lots of fats. They don’t exercise regularly. Partake in more workouts as winter is the best time to work out for a summer body! When it’s cold outside, people tend to turn to hot beverages. Cold fluids are not a bad idea. Take in more fluids; especially water because it helps to ease dehydration. 

Winter is regarded as colds and flu season! According to, colds and flu are spread by viruses which can easily spread from surface to person and person to person. For this reason it’s a good idea to carry an alcohol-based cleanser with you to sterilize any surfaces you believe to be putting your health at risk.

There is nothing that can beat a well moisturized skin on a cold day. Make sure you moisturize your skin with fast absorbing skin moisturizers to avoid cracks. Winter has the longest nights. Get at least eight to ten hours sleep. A night good night sleep helps to prevent your immune system from weakening.

Winter can never be bad. As long as you know how to treat it. You are good to go!



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