When they thought that the best was through that’s when they realised that it was just the beginning.

Arguably the most intense weeks of spring have passed but this applies only if you’re an occasional party and events goer.  For those of us who always smile from ear to ear when the weekend approaches then it’s just the beginning. With the clear skies and warm nights of spring it makes me reminisce of back in my varsity days when every weekend meant waking up the following day with a story to tell.

I still get chills in my spine when the weekend approaches to this day. Although I’d like to think of myself as a reformed gentleman, it has always been proclaimed that a leopard never changes its spots so perhaps the party genes are instilled deep within my DNA. However I am not the one who’s under scrutiny in this day but the spring gigs we endure week in and week out. So today we will be focusing on yet another spring week filled with gigs and potential tales for extroverts.

Although various events began on Wednesday the 11th we decided to focus on gigs occurring from Saturday the 14th due to a high number of gigs we received tips off. Although the opening weeks of spring where thought to be the most emphatic weeks through the season, I guess fate proved us wrong and dictated the terms for us. So today we are going to put a several gigs under the spotlight and you will decide for yourself which stands out but rest assured its going to be a tough pick.

One quote which inspired me a lot when I used to spend the whole night out parting or doing God knows what is the one which says “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” meaning whatever happened the previous night was not meant to be discussed the next day. I hope this won’t apply to you because we would like for you to share your experiences with us and comment on which gig you attended.

We will continue to give you emphatic gigs happening next to you week in and week out and we sincerely hope you will give us your feed back, because here at Tsa Pitori online your opinion does count. The gigs featured in this week’s edition of our blog are good if not great gigs and we hope you will support them in their variety. From us at Tsa Pitori this is what we do best, providing you with latest trends and infotainment.

Check out our next weeks Article when one featured gig will be reviewed and you will get to see what unfolded there.

Below are a several gigs you can spoil yourself to in and around Pitori.

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