Greetings to you the reader whoever/wherever you may be, let me begin by saying I hope you’re ready for your weekly dosage of Generation Excellence. Like our heading suggest today I’m going to introduce you to what I would call a distinct breed of homosapiens (humans). Your probably wondering to yourself what am I on about, and I bet some of your are even starting to think that I might be one of those people who believe in the existence of UFO’s. Well that’s a completetly different story and it would be better off if we left it for the next time (laughs).

Back to the matter at hand, I will start off by explaining the term and what it means, if you were considering refferencing in the dictionary well save yourself the trouble because the term hasn’t been enlisted yet and I say yet because its just for the time being. Consider yourself lucky that you lived in the era when such a profound term was found, and if you’re lucky enough you might be classified a comorade in this birth of an era.

Generation Excellence is a society of intellectuals and trendsetters who change(d) the complexion of how other people look at life thus creating their own reality. This definition is so simple yet so complex, as some of you might thus reach the conclusion that in simple terms Generation Excellence translate to inventor. As much as inventing is a significant part of the generation in question it is not exclusive to that school of thought, thus depending on their course anyone can be a member in this Generation Excellence.

So there you have it I, you, he, her or them can be a part of this Generation Excellence depending on their course in life. We’ve frequently heard of secret societies made of the rich and influential coming together to influence the direction the world takes i.e the mason and the illuminati. Well think of this, what if there was a society made of the youth, ambitious, educated, driven, and willing, and with the intention of transforming the world.

Ok now that I have your attention think of all those things and put yourself in the same picture, how would you feel if you could control tomorrow? If you could dream of anything and know that the chances of that dream coming true are as good as you going to bed/sleep that very same night. You probably thinking that might be just farfetched, well your probably right but in return show me one great thing in life that wasn’t once considered farfetched.

Well now that you know what Generation Excellence means my next goal will be to show you the principles of this phenomenon. Each week I’m going to give you a dosage of how to be a member of this society, and the beauty about it is that it is transparent no secrets and you don’t have to be wealthy to be a member, but of course you need that extra drive. We are leaving in the era of globalization and information is just a click of a link away so you better not miss out.

Well in conclusion I would like to close off by saying to you “Failure is an excuse for laziness”, go out there and be counted or come in here and lets show you how it’s done. I have a little surprise for you next week, well until then be Generation Excellence.


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