The world as we know it has changed; nowadays the digital world has taken over our form of communication. It is now easier and way faster to communicate with each other unlike the olden days where you had to send letters to communicate with people distant from your location. Studies have proven that people spend most of their time on their cell phones and computers to access the internet and social media.

Weekly REAP UP which is an online newspaper aims to improve how students and the youth can use the digital world to their advantage. It will be hosting the event Digital entrepreneurship day #WHY DIGITAL at the Tshwane University of Technology on the 27th of April 2019 to teach students about the importance of Digital media. Matthew Scott who is the Marketing Director at Weekly REAP UP says that the aim of the event is help the students to understand the digital world through the fourth industrial revolution.

Matthew further more added by saying that most students do not know much about the fourth industrial revolution, and Weekly Reap Up as an online newspaper identified a gap and the need to empower those students. On the day of the event the online newspaper will be targeting a total of 150 students and it has also invited guest speakers to come and share their knowledge about the digital world to mention a few, Thabo Ledimo whom is an entrepreneur and digital marketer and Busi Selesho whom is a money coach.

Weekly Reap Up has emphasised that their main focus is to change to the lives of students as well as young people in showing them that there is more to the digital world than they actually see. They want to let the students know that you can venture into digital entrepreneurship.“We need to prepare our students for the future because the future is digital, once they are prepared they will be confident to face the future” said Matthew Scott.


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