Allow me to start with apologizing for my two week absence, I took time out to breath a bit *lol*, but best believe me when I say “I’m back with a bang”. Well enough about me, let me welcome you all to another weekly premium dosage of #kasivibes. Today I feature a local band called Konka, from Soshanguve. I’m beyond excited as we will be talking nothing but music.



Q. Welcome to @Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine. How are you guys doing?
A. We are doing well and thanks for having us.

Q. How did Konka come about?
A. Konka was started by Sipho aka Crispyton, Wellington aka DJ Naija, together with our in-house producer.

Q. A lot of bands come and go, what sets you apart from the rest of the other bands?
A. We are here to stay because we are still young and we have worked with a lot of top DJs around SA. Konka is highly rated because we have our own style and that’s what sets us apart from others.

Q. Where does Konka draw inspiration from?
A. We draw inspiration from artists like Shimza , Black Coffee, DJ Fresh, DJ Kent, Oskido, Heavy K, DJ Tira and many more. The above mentioned brands have started from the bottom now they are well respected DJs and the best in the country. As for us we are still new but we know if we focus , work hard, have faith, be honest and loyal we will reach our goals and nothing is going to stop us.

Q. Since the start of Konka, what has been some of your highlights?
A. Since Konka started we have been receiving positive feedback from people, fans and club owners. The likes of the following clubs have been showing us love by booking us Taboo Sandton, Topflo, Europa, Blueroom, Coconut Bar, VIP, Cocoon, Sway to mention a few.

Q. How would you guys describe Konka?
A. Konka is an African group which accommodates everyone in the club even those from other countries. We play music that touches people’s hearts. Our music is made with a touch of love hence we are unique.

Q. With that said what have you learned thus far as a band?
A. We have learned a lot of things along our journey and we still want to learn more, learning doesn’t stop hence we are always open minded to new ideas.

Q. Any projects currently up your sleeves?
A. We are still busy with production, and we are also looking forward to surprising our fans, we will be releasing singles till our brand gains momentum.

Social Platforms/ Booking Info
Facebook: Djnaija Konka & Crispytone Konka
Twitter: @crispytone & @djnaijapops
Email: wellingtonnaija@gmail.com
Cell: 072 977 7578 & 082 210 7099

••• THE END •••

Konka assures me that playing at Spring Fiesta was one of the best and memorable moment ever. Fellow colleagues like DJ Shimza, DJ Tira, DJ fresh and of course DJ Euphonic were impressed with their set. Playing at Live Amp and YOTV amongst other things is one of their wish list. Since the start of Konka they had their fair share of playing in and around Pretoria as well as sharing the stage with above mentioned DJs.

Konka is a registered music band and they have been collaborating together way before they came together to form Konka. With that said all the best to Konka and of course they should always keep in mind why they started Konka.

Till next week as I feature another local brand. Nothing but God’s love, peace and blessings upon you all.


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