Kabelo Ashly Nthekiso (24) councilor, president of a student movement and the founder of #WalkTheStreet” Campaign from Klipgat, Mabopane said he started the latter movement because South Africa is facing a rapid growth of socio-economic issues, and the youth of this country numb the pain with substance abuse. The official launch of the “#Walk the Street” campaign which strive to flatten substance abuse problems will be launched on 16 June 2021 at Wintenveld. He said they will walk all over this country to engage with youth and provide rehabilitation to drug addicts.

The statics have shown that 1 to 5 young boys are at risk of indulging in drugs as a result of depression or exposure to abuse at home,” he said. “The streets of our major cities and towns show evidence of being engulfed with disgruntled young boys and girls who take drugs to hide away from their personal and social challenges,” said Nthekiso.

Nthekiso further said “Some drug addicts which are victims of substance abuse are intelligent, so it is painful seeing bright futures being ruined over Crystal Meth, Cocaine, Tick and other drugs. “The main aim of #Walk the Street is to be the voice that can help alleviate drug abuse problems. To restore the dignity of African children and creating a platform for them to rehabilitate and transform their lives for the better,” he added.Nthekiso said “He would like to work in partnership  with other relative organizations to display the significate of this event and to save the bleeding soul of South Africa” 

In conclusion “As much as l was given an opportunity in my youth days, I would like my fellow brothers, sisters on the street, to also get the same opportunity to turn their lives around.”

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