One of the biggest songs at the moment has been entangled in a dilemma with much still to be seen and told. John Vuli Gate and Mapara A Jazz along with it have risen to stardom as the song has become a favorite for many across Mzansi. Earlier this week Tsa Pitori published an article where by a complainant by the name of Dominic “Matanta” Baloyi alleged that the song ‘John Vuli Gate’ was rather stolen from his studio by Mapara A Jazz and it belongs to his record label alongside artists, Chilli Ya BABA, Scara and Ntosh Gazi.

Dominic said they would be releasing the original version of ‘John Vuli Gate’ on Wednesday, 04 October 2020. Our Journalists did follow up on the announced release date of the alleged original track. Tsa Pitori can confirm that a track titled ‘John Vuli Gate Nasi Stoko’ has been uploaded for release on all music digital stores and can now be downloaded. We further listened to this newly released alleged original version and we discovered in most parts of the song there were similar lyrics echoed by Ntosh Gazi including the hook/chorus, similar to those of the version released by Mapara A Jazz.

Dominic said he wasn’t aware if or not Mapara A Jazz are still performing or associating themselves with the song, following their short arrest for questioning by the Pretoria Central police on Sunday. He said he had further elevated the matter to management intervention unit. “I really don’t know. I spoke to Risa and Samro about everything. All that is needed now is prove from their side. We have submitted our evidence at Risa.” Said Dominic.

Man Malaya commented on the article published by Tsa Pitori on Monday. He denied that his partner Lenny had confessed to the police that they had stolen the song. Two versions of the same song are now available for public consumption and scrutiny. Mapara A Jazz have also continued to associate themselves to the song contrary to Dominic saying they should distance from their alleged song. #ladi_jaja?

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