Polelo Jacob Huma otherwise known as Master P is a 28 years old visual artist born in Garankuwa Hospital. The lad was bred in Soshanguve Block T and did his schooling in Soshanguve amongst schools like Vukosi Primary School, Rethomile Secondary School and Funekile Secondary School. He was unsuccessful in passing his Grade 12 (Matric) in 2009, however that didn’t discourage him in his dream of one day being a power house in his own right. Master P continues to pursue his dreams and aims to inspire other aspiring youngsters.

Polelo discovered his talent as a visual artist at the age of 11 when his Art & Culture teacher told him he had a special gift of drawing, and from then he never looked back. He always dreamt of attending an art school but due to lack of financial aid and scarcity in public schools he had to rely on his talent and constant practice to enhance his craft. After matric he felt that his dream of being an artist might be far-fetched and started working at Shoprite for three (3) years having stopped doing any artwork during that time. He also worked at CMS for another three (3) years until the company was liquidated in 2017.

After losing his job, he had to find a source of income and his artistic endeavor was revived, as he started attending art exhibitions including Sasol Signature competition and Arnold Classis SA competition. He also started doing portraits for individuals, which played a significant role in assisting put bread on the table. “I had clients who came to me in need of portraits and that’s how I generated some income and I am still doing that to this day”- says Master P.

As an aspiring artist, Master P struggled in perfecting his craft when it comes to drawing portraits, especially having limited resources. Also coming from a township he encountered a whole lot of challenges in essence to getting compensation for clients he did portraits. “There were art competitions I couldn’t participate in due to lack of finances”, he said. Master P endures various challenges on a daily basis in pursuing his craft and believes that through perseverance he can achieve all he aspires for.

“I try to raise funds to be part of any art competition, and in regards to my imperfections I keep practicing everyday which enhances my craft and lastly coming to compensation I leave those clients who don’t want to pay to God (laughs), but on the business side I only work on portraits that I have received deposit for”, says Master P.

The highlight of Master P career was meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Bartlett (David Genaro) during an art competition held this year (2018). “Although I didn’t win the competition I learned a lot based on the constructive criticism to endeavor to be the best in South Africa”, he said. Other competitions Master P participated in include Sasol New Signature, Arnold Classics SA, Bic Art Master and attended the Tswaing Ditsong Youth Month Celebration and the SAACYF auditions showcase at Winterveltd Multipurpose Hall.

To keep in touch with Master P its Polelo Master P Huma on Facebook, @jacobhuma on twitter and @polelomasterp on Instagram.




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