Vigro Deep has revealed that at first, he felt like his father didn’t want him to be an artist. “I feel like he probably was afraid to put me into music. He kept on saying I had to go to school. But I was learning Fruity Loops watching him. Whenever he was gone I would go in the room and do my things until he got me a laptop. He didn’t show me that much music, but he was surprised because he never thought I would be this good. One day we were running a campaign for a politician, so they had to assemble voices and they needed amapiano. I did a quick amapiano track and gave it to him. He was blown away. The next morning he called his friend, and we decided to all push it.”

His father Victor Ngcongwana one of the founding members of the Godfather Of House, showed him around the studio where he picked up how to beat make and produce his own music, but didn’t want to stick to the sound that his father was making and decided to do what the streets were vibing with which is Amapiano.

Ngcongwana has been a major influence on how he navigates his creative and business endeavours. The legendary house DJ is one of the founding members of The Godfathers of Deep House South Africa. And while Ngcongwana has been instrumental in Vigro becoming a musician, he had very little to do with the progression of his son’s career. As a matter of fact, Vigro’s father was unaware that he had amassed a following until he could pay for his own things and eventually move out of the house.

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