Dineo Mashapa, Hawaiian Sosha Spring Party and Vicks Café presents the first ever Vicks Garden launch. Vicks Gardens launch will be held on the 2nd of March 2019. Vicks Gardens should be managed to provide a rich, overall experience that promotes relaxation, maintain a healthy and diverse collection of plant materials that enables visitors to experience new plants.

Vicks Garden will be located at Block TT Soshanguve M17 road. The Garden inherited its name from Vicks Cafe because it is located behind the café. Dineo said the location where the garden is located is privileged because it is at the back of a well-known establishment. It is easily accessible and accommodating to everyone.

Dineo says the launch will bring people together and provide opportunities for social interaction. “The launching of Vicks Garden will also empower and inspire individuals, create positive alternatives to the youth offending, antisocial behaviour and crime”-Dineo. She says the launch will bring the community of Soshanguve together.

Vicks Gardens will not be only used for tourist attraction, learning about plant collection and just chilling. The venue will also be used to hold different functions. Such as market experiences, birthday parties, Hawaiian Eats and Hawaiian Sosha Spring Parties. Dineo told Tsa Pitori that Vicks Garden will cater for high profile and important functions and low key functions.

Dineo said to Tsa Pitori that with the launching of the Garden, they are aiming at building brand recognition, generate revenue, showcase their venue and raising the profile of the area and most of all, having fun. Dineo and her partners are promising a successful launch. She says a successful launch will mean giving back to the community. Dineo and her partners.

They can be found on their Facebook page at HawaiianSSP.


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