Veteran South African actor Sello Maake kaNcube has finally found love again at the age of 61 and took it to social media to make his relationship with Solo Pearl Mbewe public and he could not be happier. It is evident that Sello is head over heels in love with brand manager Solo who is a significant 22 years younger than the actor.

Maake was once married to Palesa Mboweni in 2013 but they both called it quits after eight months of them being married. Love, however, knows no bounds as finding love for Sello’s at his age  has given him peace knowing that he will live out his days with the one he truly cares for.

The couple, Sello and Solo kept their relationship on a low key for some time but have both took upon themselves to share their love story and happiness with the universe. The couple does not care what people have to say as they believe that their love is stronger than anything that anyone can throw at them.

As reported by TshisaLive, a close family member concealed that Sello and Solo are happy as can be and that all who are close to them can see the true love they share. “Sello has found himself a girl at his retirement age and he is so head over heels in love together with her.” The next of kin also said the two celebrated their Valentine’s Day in Cape Town last month because they did not want their relationship to be cannon fodder for the media.

Sello’s post on social media mentioning the love of his life with a picture of them both went about; “She is amazing @Solopearl it’s incredible how social media has given us freedom to not allow anyone to tell our truth but ourselves! Here is my truth in none clear pictures because I’m happy in this moment and I may not know what tomorrow holds for us! I’m happy for today!” #ladi_jaja?

By: Mpho Khena

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