The minister of Health Joe Phaahla has announced that children from 12-17 years can receive vaccines as from Wednesday, the 20th of October 2021. The minister has raised that children do not need their parents consent to vaccinate, which has left Tshwane parents concerned. The parents have said that children between 12-17 years are too young to be responsible of making their own decisions  considering the side effects that comes with the vaccines.

Lorraine Mankaba, one of the residents said that “This is ridiculous. Children at this age can’t differentiate between whats wrong and whats right, at this age they are dealing with peer pressure because they are at adolescent stage. They’ll do anything to please their friends. So the government should not do this to us. First they started with mandatory vaccination now this no no. I will not tolerate this. What if a child has chronic illness and they go vaccinate because of peer pressure what then. They want us to loose our kids, this whole thing is crazy.”

Another parent said “I don’t think it’s a good thing that our children should vaccinate without parent’s consent. Children from 12- 17 are under aged which means we as parents should give consent to what they do with their lives. I will not allow my kid to go vaccinate. I’ll wait until they approve that they can receive all the doses”.

Vusumuzi Mkhatshwa said “The vaccines have side effects that may affect children. Honestly I feel like children older then 16, can make their own decision to vaccinate or not, but should inform their parents or guardians about their decision then children under the age of 16 should not make the decision for themselves, as parents we also don’t have enough information and research about the vaccine so,young children should definitely get consent from parents.

By: Mbali Mabena.

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