A local upcoming rapper is determined to make a change in his community by reducing poverty through job creation and protecting young boys from drug abuse. Siposethu Thabethe AKA Smash Shadow, is a 24-year-old, and a student at the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria. He aims to reduce unemployment rate by creating jobs for the youth in his hometown in Mpumalanga where he was born. ‘’I have started an establishment of car wash to help young people make a living. My long-term goal is to hire as many young people as possible so they could learn to start small businesses, contribute to local economy, and become self-employed,’’ said Smash.

Drug abuse and crime has become one of the biggest problems in our country it is a driving force behind all this poverty. According to Smash his goal is to keep all of the young boys off the street and away from the drugs by giving them jobs and teaching them how to market themselves. He urges young people who want a profession out of music to work very hard and never give up

Not only is he a young entrepreneur he is also in the music industry. He is currently working on another project which will be released as his first single of 2022 titled ‘’Budda’’ and has already shot the music video, which will be televised very soon.

Reporter: Palesa Maneli

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