Bervy Rainz, real name Kamogelo Nkomo (21)  means business and he has proven that by being recognised internationally  in the United States of America. The Pretoria based artist born and bred in Winterveldt, is fast making waves and marking his territory as he has shown a lot of dedication and love for music from a very young age.

His driven music career started at the age of 10 while he was performing with a group of friends at a school talent show. “At the age of 15, I started working with an entertainment company “unique vibe” and the very same year I released my first single titled way up,” Bervy Rainz explained.

After the young talented rapper released his single, his mixtape followed titled Fairfax, of which he said that he worked with several artists. His love and passion for Hip-Hop is quickly making him a force to be reckoned. In 2018 he joined They Kingdom Music, this is a support group of artists who makes music together. “Under the group I got to grow as an artist and worked on a collaboration project titled “Grey: her and them,” he said.

Later on the very same year 2018 he took it upon himself to work on his solo career.   Bervy Rainz music journey allowed him to collaborate a lot with up-and-coming –trap-soul artists and gave him the opportunity to be interviewed in multiple radio stations allowing his music to be play-listed at the radio stations.

For the year 2021, he is currently working on his album titled “The escape. “My album is inspired by the day-to-day life and mind-set of getting out of the world with a note and a pen,” he explained. One of his achievements include being nominated for best newcomer of the year at the Gama 2021. Recently he got an invite for an interview on ‘The queen Silvy show hosted by the multi-award winning Silvy Starks from Arlington Texas in the USA.

By: Mpho Khena.

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