On Thursday morning around 4AM in Klipgat, Mabopane next to KB Tavern ground a deceased believed to be a young lady was allegedly found inside a car burned. Residents said they don’t know the victim nor the culprit of this incident. What allegedly happened is a alleged girl was found in the boot of the car. Her hands were alllegedly tied up together. This was allegedly witnessed when forensics were trying to get her out of the car boot.

One of the community members said “in the middle of the night we heard gunshots but we did not think of going out and looking at what was happening.” “When we woke up we saw smoke coming from the car and we went to look but we could not get near the crime scene because the police said the case is still under investigation and no one is allowed there ,”

Due to ongoing investigation we cannot disclose the identity of the car owner. The identity of the victim found in the vehicle boot is still unknown and we had to rely on sources who were at the crime scene when the police arrived.

One of the community members said “Klipgat used to be a peaceful and safe place but now it turning to be a toxic and atrocious environment each & everyday with crime but it is something we won’t turn a blind eye on,” “Hoping the perpetrator of this horrific incident will be found and the body and remains of the young girl will help to trace her family so that they can give her a proper send-off,” A police officer who was on the crime scene investigating refused to comment and said the case was still pending and they can’t  talk to Tsa Pitori at the moment.

By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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