Two people have been shot and wounded following a robbery incident at a jewelry store at the Menlyn shopping mall in Pretoria. Police are yet to release details about the incident. Social media posts show a group of robbers entering the mall. Eyewitnesses have described how they heard the sound of gunshots coming from inside the mall.

A security guard and a customer were shot and injured during an armed robbery at a jewellery store at the Menlyn Park Shopping Centre in Pretoria on Sunday afternoon. “It has been reported that a security guard and civilian have been shot and have subsequently been taken away by an ambulance for further medical attention,” the shopping centre said in a statement.

Emergency medical service Emer-G-Med said it responded to the centre for a shooting incident. It confirmed one patient was shot multiple times and airlifted to hospital. Another patient was transport by a private ambulance service to hospital It is not clear if any of the robbers have been arrested.

Ignatius Sathekge is Communications and Brand manager at Menlyn shopping mall. “In the process of the robbery, two people were shot and were both taken to hospital. We don’t have the details of how this happened and the extent of their injury. The place is a crime scene and police are continuing with the investigation. The mall is trading normally.”

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