A 19 year old, second year B-ed (Education) student at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) was allegedly raped on campus by the student mentor and a CSRC Deputy Secretary who is also a fourth year B-ed student, on the 2nd of June 2021. She said her rapist called her a day before the incident asking her to come to his office to help her out with registering a campus church structure.

“He told me that the structure I have already drafted is incorrected and it doesn’t have a cover page so I have to come and fix it, and said I should regularly contact him to find out about the process of approving the church,” She explained.

“The following day around 14H00 on a Wednesday I sent him a text starting a conversation with him then he requested my picture which I did send and he also sent his. That is when he requested to see me stating that it is related to the church structure discussion.” She explained that her rapist and her stay at the same residence as the accused stays at TCE1 and the victim stays at TCE2 at Soshanguve North campus.

“He then asked me to come to his room I refused and said it seems a little doggy to meet up at your private room, that is when he asked me to go with him to a certain office,” she said. She said when they got there the accused started touching her in an inappropriate manner which made her uncomfortable.

“He closed the door and touched me while I said No but he kept on forcing and insisting on touching me. He was touching my breasts and my private parts while I was saying no. Then he said ‘you are disappointing me, this is not the kind of girl I thought you are’,” she explained. The victim said that her rapist started pulling her down with her hair, pulling off her pants and started raping her forcefully.

“He then raped me from behind, forcefully. I submitted as he was holding my long hair tight forcing himself on me until he finished,” She said. “After he was done with me he said we should go to his room to finish what we have already started, I kept quiet. After departing I called my roommate and told her everything, then we lodged a case through the campus securities then after with the police.”

Soshanguve Police communication officer Constable Portia Sebone confirmed the allegations stating that a case was opened with them and a suspect was arrested but he claimed that they both agreed on having sex. “His first court appearance was on 2021 June the 7th where the case was withdrawn, unfortunately it’s the NPA that decides and knows why the case was withdrawn as its not under police but under court,” Sebone explained.

TUT released a communique to students about the suspension of the accused who is the Soshanguve CSRC deputy secretary. “The Soshanguve CSRC hereby announce the immediate provisional suspension of the deputy secretary due to the seriousness of the allegations,” the communique stated. The accused, chose not to comment on the allegations against him. “No Comment the matter is with the authorities for now,” He said.

By: Mpho Khena.


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