Tsilambilu Mabena knew that one day her designs would be worn by many, when she first picked up a needle and a thread and learnt how to sew. It is these humble beginnings that have honed her talent that would one day lead her to start her own fashion line, Tsila ya fashion. Derived from her name, Tsilambilu which means one with a good heart, her talent and passion for fashion can be seen through her designs.

 After completing her N3 in fashion in 1992, she worked for various boutiques and companies before she finally decided to take a leap of faith and open the doors of Tsila ya fashion decor and design studio in North-West, Hebron. Since its inception in 2012, she has employed two ladies, however it hasn’t been easy.

 She relays the hardships that she has faced, as trials that have fuelled her love for fashion “what I have learnt since the early days of opening my studio is, one needs to have discipline, both personal and financial. Some day’s business isn’t good, you still have to pay rent and other operational expenses, however, seeing the happy faces on my clients makes it all worth it”.

 Being your own boss, is one of the most glamorized jobs in the world, however, we don’t often talk about the responsibilities that comes with. I am now accountable for people’s pay, producing quality work and how I efficiently use my time” she adds. In an industry that is highly competitive, Tsilambilu and her team prides itself in their amicable services that they render.

 From wedding gowns, suits, sportswear, uniform, and alterations to matric dances no stich or sequins is too big or small for Tsilambilu and her team. You can contact Tsila Ya Fashion on Facebook @ Tsila Ya Fashion


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