The City of Tshwane has two million citizens who are fully vaccinated. That is a milestone and sign, people are adhering to the regulations of the Covid-19. It appears people are tired of living in fear of  the Pandemic that hit the entire country in 2020, but the honest truth is they have normalized living with it because at the end of the day life needs to go on with or without the Pandemic taking a toll on the people. As of Sunday, Gauteng had 1.1 million confirmed cases, over 1.1 million recoveries, and 7 132 ongoing cases. On Friday, more than 8.8 million vaccines were provided across the province.

Vaccination is important but it is not mandatory, it is basically one’s choice to get vaccinated. The President has urged people to get vaccinated that is the only way things will go back to normal. In Gauteng, more than 5.4 million people have been vaccinated, with more than 4.5 million people fully immunized. More than 31.4 million immunizations have been provided across the country as of Sunday night.

According to the government. “The Gauteng government is continuing to extend the vaccination program, beginning with school communities in low-vaccine-uptake areas. The initiative is for students aged 12 and above, their family members, school employees, and community people who have not yet been vaccinated. “Kgothatso Maaile one of Tshwane residence who got the J&J Vaccine said “although it was not an easy decision to make but I had to get vaccinated otherwise I would have lost my job and it has since kept me safe from contracting the virus. after a two-month period, I will have to get a booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine.”

By: Palesa Maneli

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