We’re still at it this week, bringing you nothing but premium infotainment within Capcity (Pretoria). This week I got an opportunity to talk to Trinity Musiq, a band consisting of three vocalists(Penelope, Respect, Spyritual) and three producers(Joewalker, Loco d dic3, Maerror) from Soshanguve.  Check the fresh box below to find more about this band.



Q. Take us through the journey of Trinity Music. How it all began?
A.We’re are a group of six people the group was formed in 2012 by young people from Itsoseng and Soshanguve extensions, we were motivated and inspired by Mroja who plays Jazz and Afro Pop as well as Tomtec who plays all genres to start this musical journey.

Q. With that said, what inspired you guys to come up with Trinity Musiq?
A.The passion we all have united us, the unity we have helped us take this journey together as a team hence the name Trinity Musiq, which means the father the son and the holy spirit.

Q. Define your signature sound?
A.Our rhythm is different from the rest of the musicians currently in the market however if I were to sum it up I would say it’s commercial/tribal house, the way we play our drums is unique and our vocalists are one of a kind.

Q. What sets Trinity Musiq apart from other bands?
A.We are a close family that strives to achieve a common goal. Our support system gives us the edge to fight daily for the success of our brand. Some people do music because a brother or friend is doing it but with us it’s a spiritual thing, we would give it all away for music.

Q. Is Trinity Musiq versatile or you focus on a specific genre of music?
A.We’re are versatile, we are currently doing commercial house and deep house which we are planning on releasing a double disc for. Later we will be focused on each vocalist to do their solo album that’s where you will see that we are versatile.

Q. Lesson learnt thus far within the music industry?
A.The music industry is beautiful in the sense that it teaches one to be patient, to persevere, work together, to be flexible by listening to what is happening around you in order to grow. It’s tough out there as we all know South Africa has many musicians so one has to hustle hard and not put money in your head but build a name first then the rest will follow.

Q. What can we expect from Trinity Musiq this year?
A.Trinity will be releasing 5 hit single tracks which we have collaborated with musicians such Crazy-Tone, Kego and Beez Ati. Also expect ‘Indoda’ music video by Penelope which will be aired on various TV channels and we promise to deliver best live performances as we always do, we will be shooting more music videos in August.

Q. Future collaborations we can look forward to from Trinity Musiq?
A.Recently we’ve collaborated with Beez Ati, Mogwantigp, Afro Step, Ujama Musiq, Plan B, SDM, Fusion of Instrumentals, Lilagotainment and we are looking to working with anyone who is interested in a collabo because you can’t grow if you don’t work with others, our doors are always opened as long you are registered.

Q. How are you guys celebrating youth month?
A.We will be doing some charity work by donating items of clothing we have collected as a group to some underprivileged children. Since 2012 all we have been doing is recordings, gigs and giving back to the community because not forgetting where you come from is a good thing.


••• THE END •••

Contact Details
Social Platforms: Simply google “Trinity Musiq”.
Booking Info: Maerror(CEO) or Joewalker(Director) 0747955825/0845499325

I’m glad Trinity Musiq has tackled the issue of working together with other artists so that they can grow. Unity is needed in the industry, as much as we portray a united front to the world well deep down we know quite well that we are divided. Trinity Musiq promises to captivate our hearts and minds with their music. Talent only is not enough but they must acquire the right business mind to turn their band into a business model, something that’s rare within artists in this day and age.  All the best with their future endeavors.

Nothing but the peace, love and blessings of God upon you all.


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  • June 20, 2015 at 8:07 pm

    We commend Trinity music, they are a true force in music just like a Holy one to be recond with. Legends in a making. To the editor, it’s Bizz Atv and not Beez Ati. However nice article, we’ll always subscribe.

  • June 21, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    Thank you Zaid

  • July 2, 2015 at 4:14 pm

    Loving the work of Trinity Musiq,a force to be reckoned with,Big up majida on an amazing project….Indoda is a banger!!*


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