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Every season the fashion community across the globe gather to witness beautiful fashion moments on runways and only a selected few are honoured with invitation to these prestigious shows. The rest of us catch a glimpse on Instagram (if we are lucky).
Imagine the agony of waiting for your favourite high end fashion magazine to finally release a copy on the stand.

Not only do they get to experience a designer’s creativity and interpretation of fashion, but it is also here in these runways where the ultimate decision of what to wear in the upcoming season is taken. Trendy or stylish, the runways have spoken. The word trend simply refers to what’s popular at a particular time. If you look into your wardrobe and it is like an episode of keeping up with trends, you are a trend follower. Being trendy can be costly because trends change from one season to another but it is also a great way to experiment with fashion.

Often people think, following trends means stylish but that’s not the case. Being stylish means having a distinctive taste in fashion, that one can only achieve by understanding how to dress for their body and what colours work best with their skin. Too many factors may affect your sense of style but it is about developing ones individuality. Often stylish people invest in timeless pieces and the key to their outfit’s lies in one simple rule, keep it simple. They will invest in a trend if necessary.

It is also important to learn how to infuse trends with your personal taste, because sometimes trends can be a miss and not a hit. Honestly how many times have we looked back at a particular trend and thought to ourselves, what was I thinking?

Whether you are trendy or stylish, at the end of the day, it is about what makes you feel good.



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