In the World of hash tags, torn clothes and the fast development of technology it might be hard to stay relevant and on top of things as a 80s kid who still holds on to the old ways of doing things.

As an observer of trends and a lifestyle writer I try to understand what makes things trend, is it the relevant people endorsing an idea, or is it simply about relevance. People like Karabo Mnisi on Facebook (felebs) the @Justkholi on twitter (Twelebs) and the Instalebs truly have this trending thing down to a point. In the past month I’ve seen a lot of different things trend, we are labeled as the 5sec generation simply because everything has 5 seconds to make an impression on us or forever be lost in space and time.

The #DeadPose trended, starting on Facebook straight to Twitter, that’s a phenomenon that don’t happen that often since tweeps have certified Facebook to be a Twitter omnibus. Funny right?

I’ve also seen #ThingsJubJubDoesntKnow trend in the past month this was one hilarious trend I personally enjoyed there was this one tweet that got me rolling on the floor and wondering how people’s brain work. The tweet reads “Jub Jub is probably online on Mxit wondering where everyone is” (this tweet was by @Nndwammbi1603) people are funny out there hey. What I personally enjoyed about this trend is that I got to see all changes that have taken place from Jub Jub’s arrests date till today, it was more like a trip down memory lane more than anything else.

Moving away from trends and trendsetters, Technology is becoming harder and harder to keep up with unless you’re a multi millionaire or a celebrity that has an endorsement deal with Apple making you a millions on end. The fast development of Android cell phones and apps left many BlackBerry users puzzled and left in the dark when WhatsApp announced that they will no longer be able to support their handsets.  This took me back to when Blackberry handsets were the freshest thing on the market with BIS data plan and BBM, we all wanted one.

Technology is fast developing and no one wants to get left behind I mean no one and this may just be the reason we’ve become so competitive with each other. We work and work till we have enough money to go out and shine, some get greedy during the process and some just never get enough of the spotlight. Technology may make life easier and convenient but it also makes things harder to feel. On a personal note I would love to thank Tsa Pitori for this wonderful opportunity and everyone who read this article, I’m quite grateful and looking forward to many memories created and shared with each and every one of you…

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