Although trains are running between Pretoria (Bosman) and Mamelodi (Pienaarspoort) after a two-year stoppage, without stations people from Sunnyside, Hatfield and Arcadia cannot access the trains. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic struck in March 2020, the stations had been vandalised and were no longer operational. Abandoned during lockdown, they were further stripped of doors, window frames, benches, almost anything made of steel and electrical cables.

Mears, Walker, Devenish and Loftus. These stations have been left to ruin by Prasa  At Mears a heap of rubbish and tall grass greet one outside what was once the ticket booth. Rubbish is strewn around and fires have been made inside. There are no security guards on duty to protect what is left, nor are there any signs that the stations are cleaned.

Many hawkers too, who used to sell their wares at the stations, especially Mears, feel the loss. Some have moved onto the streets, but as a result have fallen foul of the Tshwane Metro police. Prasa spokesperson Andiswa Makanda said the stations are on “one of Prasa’s priority corridors” and will be “reconstructed”. Makanda claimed that a team of professionals, including quantity surveyors and architects, had been appointed to plan the reconstruction of the stations.

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