A 35-year-old Gauteng traffic police inspector was arrested for suspected bribery and corruption in the east of Pretoria on Tuesday the 8th of June 2021. It is said the police watchdog received information that there were police officials who solicited bribes from motorists at roadblocks in most roads leading to Pretoria.

The arrest happened on the N4 highway after the inspector stopped an undercover agent, Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said. “The inspector demanded a R100 bribe from the agent and was handcuffed instantly  on the scene.” He is currently held at Boschkop police station.

RTMC Chief Communication Officer Simon Zwane said the inspector would appear in court soon for corruption. Zwane also said that such conduct does not only negatively impact on the public confidence in the Gauteng traffic police but also undermines their efforts towards making Gauteng a safe and secure province for all citizens.

“We made all the lawful necessary arrangements and activated a sting operation which resulted in arresting the suspect for corruption,” he explained. “Due processes and corrective measures will be followed once the investigation has been concluded. Therefore, more details regarding the case will be available in due course.” Zwane said.

By: Mpho Khena.

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