On the 11th of March 2022 the Tshwane Metro Police received an  anonymous tip off that there are people who are busy with illegal electricity connection in Pretoria West Luttig Street. The electricity was  at the time disconnected by the City of Tshwane due to many bridged meter boxes. The officers found 3 suspects busy with reconnections and arrested them on the spot for damaging and tempering with essential infrastructure.

On the same day a joint operation was conducted regarding cable theft, a vehicle was found with stolen copper wire cables and the owner of the vehicle also tried to bribe the officers,” the vehicle owner offered to pay us R5000  as a bribe so he can get away.” Said one police officer.

He got arrested for possession of suspected stolen cables and bribery. According to the Tshwane Metro Police Department two other people were arrested for  drunk driving, “the team worked very hard to ensure that the city of Tshwane is crime free.” 

“We as the community members need to be the eyes and ears of the municipality and should report vandalism and theft of any infrastructure and assets,” lefale Mogwane commented.  

By: Mamsi Nkosi.

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