Am I the only one to overlook my shoulder on my wig days with fear of being a victim of wig snatching? The expression hair today, gone tomorrow, in this case has become literal. Reports of women being victims of the phenomenon are rapidly growing across the country. Imagine this, dressed to slay, complete with a good hair and then a stranger snatches your wig off your head.

Just to be clear, by good hair am not referring to “hello chomie, for you, half price today” at the Pretoria CBD neither am I referring to the plastic, wax looking hair, sorry it does not cut it. I’m referring to the 100% human hair, ranging from Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian to Brazilian hair that has given birth to online hair boutiques, wig stokvels, wig rentals and now the trending phenomenon in the hair industry wig snatching.

If you are in the hair industry, and you are not selling wigs/weaves then you have not made it yet. Good hair can cost from R1000 to a couple of thousands of rands. Women are on a continuous quest to attain good hair. The more natural looking, the better. It is alleged that the “snatchers”, do so in a bid to resell the hair or wear it themselves.

Who would have thought, that hair could be a deadly spot. Is it worth the investment? Oh yes it is. Wigs have become a staple accessory in our everyday outfits #OutfitOfTheDay. My personal saving grace on a bad hair day. It also saves time and protects our natural hair from the extensive bleaching process that could possibly burn your scalp when left for a longer period.

So how does one protects themselves from being a victim:

  • Wear a cap, hat or beanie over your wig.
  • Wear your wig when you get to your destination
  • Weave it, don’t wig it, rather have the hair sewn into the cornrows. It might be painful having your hair pulled off, but it will give you time to cry for help “vimba” and still get to keep your hair.
  • Or you could just refrain from buying wigs (lol- I’m kidding). Imagine a bad hair day without a wig, the thought of it isn’t a pretty one. So scratch this one out.

The tips aren’t full proof but they will definitely extend your relationship with your hair.



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