An elderly woman by the name of Nthabiseng Khoza, woke up shocked after finding thieves sleeping on his door after stealing from her house. The burglars allegedly broke into the woman’s rented room on Thursday, April 14, and stole a plasma television, a microwave, shoes, and a variety of other items. However, when they approached the compound’s exit door, they fell asleep for no apparent reason.


The general public believes that this is the finest security system for keeping burglars out of people’s houses, and that when they wake up, they should find themselves in prison rather than facing mob justice.

They go on to say that taking the law into one’s own hands is more effective when it comes to assisting the police in catching criminals. According to some community members, most burglars use muti to lull their victims to sleep, leaving them to wake up to an empty house. If the thief does not use the potion appropriately, they will hypnotize themselves and fall asleep.

During the incident Nthabiseng then called her next-door neighbor to observe what was going on in her yard. She then told her neighbor that the burglars assumed she would be away for the Easter weekend, so she duped them and spilled something in the yard so that if anyone tried to break in, they would fall asleep quickly.

By: Khensani Khoza.

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