So your favorite publication was out and about this past weekend. If you missed out on last weekend’s happenings then ne o te bhora, Pitori was the place to be. Art exhibition and running seemed like the theme of the past weekend. Our first stop was at #Market@TheSheds where we were invited to see gore dintshang(what happening). I must say I like the concept, it’s the South African version of Swansea Indoor Market in Toronto and Chelsea Market in New York. We do have similar markets in South Africa like the likes of Finders Keepers in Rosebank and Brooklyn Design Fair in Brooklyn.

MarketVenueThe Venue.

Situation Situation at the Sheds.

It’s interesting how diverse the people in attendance were, a true rainbow nation. A lot of business owners and crafters don’t have stores so this is an opportunity for them to display and share their products with the public. I was drawn more to the people who had a story behind their products than those who simply let us have a look at their products without any interest as though they thought we were not buyers. Story telling can be a great way of drawing people to your product, for instance Vuyiswa Madiliza collects leather shoes made by different shoe makers from the Cape Winelands communities and sells them, exposing their products to the people, this is a great initiative without even realizing that she is an anchor of their struggles and is giving them hope by exposing their products.

VuyiswaLeather Vuyiswa’s leather shoes.ViolaCreations Viola Creations.

It’s a space where sellers can meet buyers in a vibrant atmosphere and feel of good music, great company, as well as place where entrepreneurs can meet share ideas or even collaborate. #Market@TheSheds offers a unique experience, a great day out with the girls, a date out with a partner, a great family outing or simply a treasure hunt for a collector. Although some of the sellers felt that some people come to the market to steal ideas, they still thought it offered them great exposure for their products. There’s also #Night@TheSheds from 4pm onwards which offers a nightlife experience at the market. Don’t miss the 4th and last for the year #Market@TheSheds on 6th November. The event occurs every second week at 385 Helen Joseph (former Church) Street (opposite the Reserve Bank’s offices and Protea Driving School) for more info visit

HiddenStrength Hidden Strength. Fruit&VegLovely Ladies Fruit&Veg

Next Stop was at Union Bulidings for the #Unite4Mandela event. Since we missed the race we decided to walk to the Union Buildings where we passed the finish line for the #ColorRun and of the #RunOrRide, Mr Razzmatazz owes us medals *lol*. Since we missed the race we attended the concert where we caught Sfiso Ncwane performing are kenya moyeng (got us spiritual) with his spiritual songs, nna all I wanted was to see AKA *lol*. Zakes “MJ wase Mzansi” Bantwini’s performance was also great despite the rain. We sneaked into one of the tents where there was an exhibition, we met the likes of RVK Fashion, WAAR8 t-shirt’s guys, and the legendary Martin Lekotoko who made us want to join his art school. I must say the wait for AKA was worth it nigga brings it yong a true definition of performer.

FinishLine Finish Line.

SocksPaitingMartin’s smelly socks painting.

It was a great day indeed, a party was brought to our door step, and it’s not every day that Pretoria becomes host to such Events. A big thank you to Refilwe for the invite at #Market@TheSheds we’re sending our bill for all the food we bought *lol*. Did I mention that YFM was broadcasting live at The Sheds? Anyway…. if you want us to attend your event send us an invite at

More pics to follow at out Facebook Page: Tsa_Pitori-online-Magazine

Enjoy Your Weekend People And Stay Safe.


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