When you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you do good”. We are quickly nearing the season we would love to hate or hate to love, one way or the other spring/summer are those seasons that involve being out and about. I’m speaking beaches, pool parties, all night festiveness and the list goes on and on. After a few months of cold and shady weather, this is when we get to show those muscles, funky hairstyles and provocative outfits.

If you want a hook up or a couple of tips on how to keep your game on point well don’t despair, that’s what we’re here for #ladi_jaja. On this issue of your most reliable source of local talent we focus on fashion and beauty, fit for everyone (excuse the pun). If it’s that ideal body you’re looking for, then we give you the “how to” to achieving that through DIY or working with professionals. Well looking good is the best way to best present you and this issue is filled with what’s in and what’s not fashion wise.

Truth of the matter is looking good goes beyond just physical prospects, your health and integrity is at stake. Scientifically it has been proven that regular exercise increases your life-span and your body response to unwanted epidemics. As for looking good (clothing presentation) we know that “first impressions last the longest”. This dynamics don’t require you to be rich in resources but simply having a clear plan of action and design will do the trick.

More and more people are forming training groups and leading healthy lifestyles with the influence of YouTube fitness videos which have since went viral. As for fashion outlets which can be found at almost every nearest shopping complex, we have seen an influx of fashionable gears sell at fairly anyone can afford prices. Gone are the days of designer labels and personal trainers being the in thing, now everyone can look like their idol without having to bankrupt themselves.

Likewise we hope you get to enjoy this issue that connects our way of life to the universe. Make sure to stay in touch with us through all media platforms and we hope you will be inspired to inspire, until next time #ladi_jaja?



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