Luleth Modjadji Michelle Makutu otherwise known as Pulchritude Modjadi is a 20 soon to be 21 years multi-facet talented young lady.  When I asked her what her name means and how it came about she replied “Well my stage name means the beautiful rain queen, and it came as a means of taking pride of who I really am”. She got involved in arts at a very young age and she has never looked back ever since, as your most reliable source of local content we felt the need to share her inspirational story with you.

Pulchritude Modjadji is a poet/author/rap artist who believes she is on the verge of being the next big thing not just locally but worldwide. She spends most of her time juggling different art forms and trying to improve her crafts. She recently enrolled to study language practice with the Tshwane University of Technology; a course she believes will help her be an even better artist than what she already is. “ I believe studying language practice will assist take my career as an artist forward and help break boundaries by making music that can be literally universal” she said.

It all started when she was as young as 10 years, she realised that pens are mightier than swords, that’s when her passion for writing began. Influenced by her family background with her grandmother being fond of hip hop music and her uncle a former crew member, she was introduced to the hip hop culture relatively early in her childhood.  When she was 14 years old she joined her first hip hop crew and by the age of 17 she released her first demo track.

It hasn’t always been an easy journey for the talented Pulchritude Modjadji as she came across hurdles such as having to work with amateur event organisers, and the struggle of growing a fan base. Born in Limpopo her family moved to Pretoria when she was only 5 years old and they have since moved around a couple of times, this played a big role in helping her deal with challenges she would come across. ‘She learned that change is the one constant thing in life and whatever your situation or challenges you have the power to control your own fate’.

Pulchritude Modjadji describes herself as a new age trap artist and she defines it as follows “My music comprises of trap beats and conscious rap I try to be the grey line which can fuse fun with purpose”. The highlight of her career has been working with a group of upcoming female artists collectively known as New Faces. The group released a mixtape in 2016 and with it came the opportunity to perform around Pretoria promoting the project.

‘After matriculating she took time off to pursue her music career for a couple of years and it helped her find what she believes is her own sound’. She has recently recorded her second project in a form of a single she plans to release on her 21st birthday, which will be on February 3rd 2018.  She is also looking to release her EP called ‘The Coronation’ before end of the year, and she is working working on a book that comprises of a compilation of poetry and short stories.

You can stay in touch with this talented young lady by following her on Facebook its Pulchritude Modjadji, On Twiter @PulchritudeModjadji and on Instagram Is @PulchritudeModjadji.




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