As I start typing and narrating my thoughts and experiences allow me to first and foremost begin by thanking all of you whom have taken the opportunity to read through these words of motivation. It has been some time now since I last wrote for the magazine otherwise known as your most reliable source of local news and events. With that said and done I would like to command the brilliant ladies who founded this magazine and managed to keep it afloat despite all the hurdles it has been through all this time.

I can still remember the dream we had as a collective when this magazine was founded and the drive that kept us pushing for more and greater heights. As time progressed I was amongst the crowd which ventured into different endeavours leaving the magazine behind. Regardless of our departure (including other writers) the driven and inspired ladies Kat and Kokx never went astray and it’s all thanks to them the magazine it is a marvel it is today.

Today the prodigal son returns to a house that was transformed into a home by the astounding ladies mentioned above. I also take my hat off to everyone who played a very significant role in transforming and assisting the dream into becoming a reality. Today Tsa Pitori Online Magazine is an integral part of society telling stories that empower and educate inhabitants globally. Through my other ventures I have learned a lot and I’m glad to be given the privilege to share my experiences with you.

Generation Excellence is an ideology which came after a realisation that our era needed something it represents. Truth be told I’m tired of being labelled a hopeless generation that serves no purpose. Our predecessors are always praised in the media and within our communities, and deservingly so for the role they played in emancipating our nation from the apartheid wave. One question we ought to ask ourselves is when our time pass in this beautiful and reformed world will our successors have anything good to say about us?

Take a minute and think it through, is the life you’re living the kind of life you have always longed for or dreamt of as a young girl or boy growing up? I’m no hypocrite neither am I separating myself from all that is happening, hence I choose to take a stand and voice my concerns which in reality are just fears. I mean how many lives were lost and sacrificed so that you and I can live in a free society? Does being free actually result in us being dom(foolish) hence most have come out to criticise this so called freedom?

In this article and others I’m going to write from now onwards I won’t create room for any scapegoats for all our negligent and lack of the desired drive to take us forward as people. The purpose of this article/column is to advocate for productivity and will power. Throughout this journey I’m going to engage different successful people whom have defied the odds to realise their greatest desires.

The purpose of this piece and others which will follow in its footsteps is to show every young and old person out there that dreams do come true if you’re willing to persevere, and overcome all the nightmares. My favourite speaker Eric Thomas once said “you’ve got to want success as much as you want to breathe or sleep”, if you can comprehend this sentiments rest assured half the battle is won. My motto is “failure is an excuse for laziness”, thus I say regardless of your past everyone has the potential to be great you just need to awaken that will.

This is where I am going to leave it for this piece. I hope you have enjoyed the little I had to share with you, and you will be back for more of your motivational dosage.  Before I depart I would like to say for every challenge and obstacle you encounter in life, and for every dream you might have know that the power to victory lies within. Until next time dream big but start small.

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By: M.D.B

Edited By: K

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