A ridiculously large amount of money (R1.3 million) was spent on a bar bill on Saturday at 012 Lifestyle venue and the man behind the tab has been confirmed to be Passion Java.

Real name Panganai Java is a self-proclaimed pastor born in Zimbabwe in a town called Chitungwiza. The 34-year-old is married to Lilly Java with whom he shares three children, and one other from his previous marriage.

He is certainly not your typical pastor as he became the youngest owner of a television channel, launching Kingdom TV at the age of 25. He is also a record label boss, and owner of PJ records.

With a lavish lifestyle, hundreds of thousands of fans on Instagram, showcasing flashy goods, numerous properties and cars, anyone who is familiar with this celebrity pastor will attest to his controversies within the media space.

He had allegedly performed what was referred to as a ‘miracle abortion’ on a woman who was four months pregnant.

With a collection of firearms that previously trended on social media and multiple tattoos, many conservative Christians are said to have turned away from his unconventional teachings


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