Greetings friends of Mawisa and readers of @Tsa_Pitori at large. It is with great pleasure as I embark on the second dosage of Infotainment for 2017. Well this time around we are joined by the inspirational and multi-talented DJ Naija born in Zimbabwe but now reside in our South African shores. Likewise we had a splendid interview and this is what he had in store for us.


•• Entertainment Dose With Mawisa ••

Q. Welcome to @Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine, how are you doing?
A. I’m okay how are you guys?

Q. Our last conversation with you was after ‘The Selina Explosion’, how have you been?
A. I’m doing well and it was a tough year though so I had to pull up my Socks just to stay in the game.

Q. Take us through your endeavors in the prior year?
A. 2016 was a good year but with a lot of challenges but by the grace of God and the love of my fans I am still standing and doing better than ever.

Q. Tell us about your new hit track ‘Lala Dance’ where you feature Leon Lee (Jika Boys)?
B. My new track Lala Dance is one track I wanted to approach differently because a lot of people know me as a commercial DJ so I just came up with a beat and I called Leon to put some vocals. I was a little bit skeptical about the song but as soon as some of my friends listened to the song they just told me this is a hit. I’m planning to release some of my new tracks but all in a good time.

Q. What’s your comment on the ‘drama’ that occurred on the media with Leon Lee over the unofficial release of ‘Lala Dance’?
A. I can’t call it drama it was just a misunderstanding, yes Leon added some staff on that song that I didn’t like and he didn’t tell me and he released the song without me knowing, but we’ve ironed it out now.

Q. How do you stay relevant as a DJ as this is a competitive industry?
A. My brand is my face everywhere I go I have to represent it with good value because if I don’t value my brand no one will want to work with me so things that I do outside my house count. I have to treat myself with respect if I want my brand to grow bigger and be professional on things that I do.

Q. Word of advice to the people that look up to DJ Naija?
A. Never give up believe in yourself don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, believe, have faith, have courage and be patient

Q. You’re about to conclude with your birthday tour how was it?
A. My birthday tour, yes I was born on January 12th so I did a birthday tour and it was a great experience. I got plenty of support from my manager who is also a DJ(DJ Abby) and my other colleagues that I love them so much.

Q. What’s in store for DJ Naija this year?
A. What I can say is this year is my year it’s going to be hectic, a lot of staff will be released and I’m looking forward to working with a lot of people and I’m ready to take over 2017 with full force.

Q. Anything we didn’t add that you would want us to converse about?
A. I am going to be a father soon.

Social Platforms/Booking Info
Facebook: DjNaijaSteveGroup
IG: DjNaijaSteveGroup

•• The End ••

It’s not a secret that our very own DJ Naija is controversial but then his work takes him to the highest level inthe game. He has shared the stage with the cream of the industry and he’s also well-travelled. He assures us that for him to be innovative about his brand it only requires a good team and maintaining a good working relationship with fellow colleagues. Not to forget that it entails one to look for growth as well for that particular brand.

Nothing but God’s Love, Peace and Blessings upon you all. Love Mawisa



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