The multi awards winning play “Vampire” written by Junior Mathibela and directed by  Lethabo Mabotha is back at the South African State Theatre for the Mzansi Fela Festival. It will be showing on the 8 & December 2023 and ticket is R40. A group of students have adopted the play bringing it back to the state theatre.

Back in 2012 the play produced lots of good actors such as Pablo from Scandal, Aubrey Polo from The river, and Luzuko from Matwetwe movie by kagiso Lediga. The show won the best production, Best use of set, Best costume design, Best Writter, Best Director and Best male actor.

The play is about a war between humans and vampires who live in the caves on the outskirt of the village of Masawu, A human’s king daughter (Napo) falls in love with the vampire king’s son (Matome), Napo is betrothed to be married to Chris who is trained to kill vampires (night watcher), when Chris finds out about Napo and Matome’s love affair, he then threatens a war that will obliterate all the humans.  The play will be showcased by a group going by the name “The Horizon Academy of Arts”.

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