The most consistent and authentic artist in Pitori has released his latest offering dubbed the Unexpected Guest. Stan B is amongst if not thee most hardworking hip hop artist to come out of Pitori. I’m sure there are those who would want to argue with the title King of Pitori Rap as I have described Stan B. Well here’s my argument, Stan B is the only INDEPENDENT artist from Pitori I know with over 10 music videos on Channel O and MTV Base not to mention his music on various mainstream and local radio station and the only artist to be featured on Tsa Pitori Online Magazine more than two times.

Now that we have the title question out of the way I will proceed to the business of the day which is the review of the album the Unexpected Guest. Well there’s one thing that best distinguish Stan B from other artists in the industry and that is how he is able to transition between languages in a split second during a song. From the first song titled Koloi ya Elijah you can feel the Spitori element through the lingo and jargon’s used.

I listened to the album about three times before writing this review with the intentions of putting myself in the artist shoes to try understanding what the story behind the project is. Well if you have heard any of Joint Pushers production then you know he makes timeless authentic music. That’s the same impression I got listening to this album the beats are clean with a touch of the authentic hip hop sound you would associate with classical rap music.

So what I gathered listening to this album is that the artist is a story teller compared to most of this mumble rappers flooding the airwaves. Through the album Stan B takes you through a journey with a story line made of his daily experiences and events relative to the youth. This is a good album to have in your playlist especially if you spend most of the time driving or you’re just a fan of good music.

Another up I picked from the album is there isn’t a lot of features on this project meaning you get to connect with the artist. So far two videos have been shot for this album of which both have already made it to TV if my sources are correct. Manelo was the first video to be released and also the first single and it had a great run aired on multiple TV and radio shows. The latest video to be released is Intsimbi featuring N’Veigh one of Pitori’s most talented lyricist and produced by Beat Mochini.

Overall it’s a solid project with songs for different vibes and the Spitori flair deeply rooted in the entire project. The review would be incomplete if I didn’t mention my favorite track in the whole album which is not a easy choice but I have to go with the track titled 1-0. The song is an embodiment of why Pitori is the place turn up and entails life yako kasi. My score for this Project is 8/10 I like the story line behind the album and songs arrangement.

I think the only thing missing from this album is that one big feature with one of the industry favorites and that one song that will keep us on our feet during the festive season. Watch out for the Unexpected Guest it’s clear he’s here to stay. To stay in touch with Stan B catch him on all social platforms under the handle Stan B SA and keep your eyes and ears glued to the TV and radio his song might be up next.




      You’ve always been an inspiration to me and most talents hustling in Pretoria and ive always looked up to you …
      You make me proud and im gonna keep supporting you and im proud of you…
      Big ups big bro

  • King Guilty

    Big Up bros n wishing u all the best in ur journey keep making fire music n make us more proud of kasi ya rona #Pitori e proud

  • Letlhogonolo Sebolai

    Big up to StanB for raising the Soshanguve Pitori flag high, his one of the realest in the game. If u don’t know StanB by now your ignorance will kill you🙌

  • Naked Eye

    Stan B’s Album is the Best outta PTA So far.. Man This Guy Really does Good Music, I love all of the Songs in the Especially Intsimbi🔥🕺🔥🕺..

  • Stan B u rock bro keep up the good work we really proud of u let the Pretoria flag fly higher

  • Bigup yo the “Unexpected Guest” album is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Sthera Sthee

    What!! A journey my king ,The album is on point very good bro n intsimbi is a hit 🔥🔥🔥

    All the best man we behind you all the way
    God bless you more

    • Dj Mosquito

      Shaaayaaa Abuti Stan B shaaayaaa..album is on point ka shoto yerrr🙌😇💚📿🎶🕺


    An inspiration to many❤️ Big up Stan B, The Country is Paying attention. We’ll follow in your Footsteps, you a definition of a Hustler. Much Respect 🙏

  • Modiegi

    Big ups to Stan B, you doing the most bro and we super proud of you. No doubt the album is flames😍😍


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