You’re probably thinking water ka Dezemba boss (water during December)? Just how hydrated are you? Confused? My question is simply how much water do you drink per day? Are you following the standard rule that says you must drink at least eight glasses of water per day or are you simply avoiding it? About three thirds of our body contains water so you can understand why water is important to keep you on the go.  Maybe most of you are not fully informed about why it’s important to keep hydrated. I guess it’s a good thing that we are associated, health and wellness is my life and seeing people living healthy is one of my passions so I’m going to let you in on all the secrets of hydrating.

Your body loses water every time you exercise, and if the water that was lost during exercise isn’t replaced a lot of problems may occur. Problems such as heat cramps, loss of coordination, exhaustion and loss of concentration which occur due to the body’s inability to regulate body temperature. How do you recognize when you are not fully hydrated? Firstly doing your number one and number two (peeing and pooping) will be an issue, remember that water also helps with the digestion of food if you are not fully hydrated how do you expect your digestive system to operate?

Here are a few pointers about the importance of drinking water. First of all water helps with the transportation of nutrients to your body, it also helps to increase your blood.

Water is important for digestion, excretion, circulatory and absorption functions. Absorption means water helps you take in the food and drinks, digestion simply means breaking down of food, circulatory means transporting of nutrients and blood to different organs and excretion means taking it out, this in simple term refers to the number ones and twos.

Here’s a question I think might be on your lips “to keep hydrated do I go for water or can other beverages help?” My dear you can have fruit juice, sports drinks and fruit, but the truth is nothing can replace water. Sporty people loss of a whole lot of water means sodium and other electrolytes are lost during intense workouts or training, always remember to have that sports drink together with pure water to keep you fully hydrated, and if you thouth 8 glasses of water for you are okay as a Mr Sporty or Miss Sporty, ag shame sana o wrongo (you’re wrong dear), you need more than that, at least 3 liters of fluids. Since its festive time and alcohol is flowing left, right and centre remember to detox with water to avoid getting a phuza face (drinkers face).

So till next year, stay safe and drink lots of water.


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