On this week’s edition of #KASIVIBES I am dishing out nothing but the best as we celebrate Broz Stunna and follow his journey to success.  Born in Limpopo but currently living in Soshanguve Block P, this 20 year old is making moves. He is about to release his second mixtape titled the Hood Star. Check out the Fresh Box.



Q. Before I unpack today’s interview, how did your stage name come about?
A. I came up with it because as a person you have a certain way you like to be called, I chose to use Broz Stunna as my stage name because I get overjoyed when people call me Broz Stunna, especially women lol

Q. Word is you are busy with your second mixtape, take us through the journey of putting it together.
A. Yeah I started working on the mixtape last year 2014, I recorded all the tracks at DK Records and they were recorded by Sllec. The main reason it took this long to release is because we make quality music that people love so we take our time. It wasn’t easy making it because as a Law student I also have to make time for my books but now the mixtape titled Hood Star is ready to hit the streets and it’s hot.

Q. Name drop a few artists you have featured on the Hood Star mixtape?
A. Most of the artists I featured on the mixtape are my homies(home boys), dudes like Sllec, Slowizi and Decoy just to name a few, the mixtape is packed.

Q. Take us through your collaboration with Pimp Cash Family crew.
A. Well myself and the Pimp Cash Fam have been homies(home boys) since forever and when I approached them to put a hand into helping finish the mixtape they were more than happy to help and am grateful to them.

Q. What are you bringing that’s different to the industry, that other hip hop artists aren’t bringing?
A. I fuse music from the streets, the clubs and from everywhere in the world, that’s a different style that am bringing, expect that all kinds of music form me is brought to you in a form of rap.

Q. As a young hip hop artist, how has the experience been thus far for you in the industry?
A. The game(industry) has been crazy, I enjoy the fun but it also taught me that if you don’t work hard enough you will always be behind in this music business but the experience has been great for me.

Q. Future collaborations we should expect from Broz Stunna?
A. I’m planning to work on a track with StanB but haven’t spoken to him about it but I trust soon I will and me and Jaycee once talked about making a track together and I think now is the time to finally do it for the streets, feel me?

Q. Where and how can people purchase the Hood Star mixtape, once it’s released?
A. Well I will be selling the mixtape from hand to hand(upon request) because I’m an independent artist that’s only just starting up anyone who wants a copy can contact me on 0842729779 and get yourself the Hood Star.

Q. With that said leave a few motivational words for young artists who want to follow suit.
A. I will say 3 words to young upcoming artists “work hard human”

Q. Lastly how do you prepare for your performances before getting on stage?
A. I never really prepare but I do have days where I just rehearse on my own, but on the days of performances I just go and wow the crowd with this music and this energy.

••THE END•••

Cell: 0842729779
Facebook: Broz Stunna
Twitter: @brozstunna

This young hip hop artist has performed in places as far as Mpumalanga and Limpopo as well as around Pretoria.  Broz Stunna has worked with a lot of great talent around Soshanguve and he says it’s only the beginning. He dropped his first project early 2013 which was well received.  He confidently tells us that he chose DK Records because they produce great music and their in-house producer Sllec told him that “ke tlogo direla dikwakwa”(I am going to make hits for you). You can expect hit singles like “Tap that” featuring Phillbeats and “Blown” which he features T-up arranged by XI. It also includes bonus tracks with collaborations with Jaycee on a track called “Push”, “Ngwanole ke mang” by Kkrsquad and “Grind on check” by Snap. It’s quite rare to find young artists like Broz Stunna in charge of their talent and willing to make the best of their talent. All the best with his second offering and looking forward to give the Hoodstar Mixtape a listening ear.

Nothing but God’s peace, love & blessings upon you all.


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