Music is a universal language that can be understood by everyone, yet in most cases the journey towards being a respected artist goes beyond the ideas one has. I have the glory of engaging most upcoming talent from Pitori and their stories always hit home. I have no doubt that we are a city with talented young people, and as your most reliable source of local content we take pride in sharing this stories with the rest of the world.

Born in Winterveld before moving to Soshanguve in 1999, Thabang Dikgale otherwise known by his stage name Paris June lives and breathes music. His love for music developed at an early age as he remarks “I am from a musical family, so growing up music was always part of my environment. Growing up I tried different hobbies like any other kid in the hood but music sort of stuck with me. As I grew older my interest in song writing and creating music sort of became a calling to me”.

The highlight of his career has been recording his solo project and the response he received from his fans was rather overwhelming for him. Previously whilst starting up as a musician Paris June was part of various groups which as time progressed collapsed or went their separate ways, which in no way derailed Paris June from his passion for music. Apart from the music business Paris June is also involved with a project called “A friend of a friend” which is focused on events management and would also like to expand on his passion for real estates.

It goes without saying that as an independent artist Paris June has had to overcome some challenges “Since I am an independent artist I do everything on my own, the financial aspect of investing money into my music and growing my brand as a musician has rather been very challenging” he said. However this hasn’t discouraged him, if anything it has taught him about the price one pays to live their dreams.
He is inspired by the legendary Hugh Masekela and Jay-Z as he amplifies “Hugh Masekela because he has been in the music industry for a long time and he has also been able to reinvent himself with time. He’s hard working and committed to his craft whole heartedly. I look up to Jay-Z not just because he has a successful musical career but also because of his successful businesses, foundations and projects outside of the music industry”.

Paris June is currently working on a mixtape he plans to release during the course of the year titled Paris of Pretoria and he is also looking to launch merchandise mid-year 2018. In closing he would like to share the following message with other aspiring talented young people out there “They should be eager to study the greats of the music industry, be willing to put in work into improving their craft and also be patient cause nothing in life that’s worth having comes easy. They should believe in themselves and never give up on their dream”.
We have come to the conclusion of yet another article of all things Pitori we hope you learned from this exceptional individual until next time #ladi_jaja?



  • December 19, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    Good to see African think of the importance of education.Just add farming/agriculture because it create jobs and eradicate poverty


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