Always by your side advising, laughing and teasing you along the way Life is such bliss with that one friend that’s got your back regardless, oh yes am talking about the best friend.

We all need that one person in our life that completes days, moments and weirdness in every, if not most moments in our life’s. The pillar of your of your wobbling castle, the thorn in your side and own personal cheerleader and so on. But then there comes a time when your very best friend can be your greatest down fall. Hence the saying “not everyone wants to see you succeed” so how do you know when your besty is actually your besty.

I could actually write a short story if not a stage play on the whole best friend can be a pain and not in a good way. But it’s not about me so let’s not get personal.

So to further get into this let’s get into the dimensions of the best friend relationship and what it should be? Should it be gender based? Age based? Because some people think these aspects should matter or influence the elements of the friendship. It is even said that a boy and girl cannot be best friends because feelings start to develop between the two.

I honestly think that none of those should ever matter but yet again I can stand to be corrected if ever am wrong. But before I am let me take the liberty to state why I say so, best friendship is about a person who gets you like no other, tolerates you cause they can, not cause they feel obligated to. This person will love you like a brother or sister, support you even through your biggest mistakes and not tell you I told you so when you do end up wrong.

But as much as a best friend can be your pillar he or she can be a destructive force to you and your wellbeing. Especially having the power to influence your decisions and certain choices in life hence you trust them with your life. Although you may think they have the best intentions for you in life you just never know the devil you let into your life. For it’s not everyone you cherish in life who would love to see you succeed.

That certain besty can be hopelessly in love with you and end up sabotaging every relationship you’re in. Others can spread your deepest darkest secrets and act shocked once the secret comes out. Well some can downright just be that “misfortune” you think follows you around. So I guess we left to wonder how then do we know when a besty is a ride or die? Well just remember all your struggles and successes you’ve been through and who stood by you even at your lows, tantrums, flaws and moods and see who’s still there through it all cheering you on.


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