With the negatives surrounding our communities, we can’t always wait for strangers to come and fix our
problems. It is sometimes up to us to make sure that whatever skills and talents have we use them to
inspire the younger generation. A young man by the name of Thato Morena is using his “School 2
School” program to make sure he becomes one of the people playing their part in his community.

Thato Morena was born in Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria. He grew up in North West province, in a village called Lefatlheng, which is where he began his schooling. Growing up as kids we often are driven by many things, for some its education or dance but for him it had to be music. His childhood was
inspired by musicians such as Mandoza and Bongo Muffin.

Thato’s love for music was not just love but it was escorted by the talent as well. His initial goal was to get enrolled into music school, but due to his economic situation at the time, he couldn’t see that happening. He didn’t let that kill his passion for music though; instead his challenges are helping him pull even further in making sure that he helps others reach their full potential.

In 2012, Thato Morena together with some of his friends in the performing art industry started an
initiative that would go from one school to the other in search of talented kids. The aim of the project was to help young people with talent in perfecting their art, exposure and preparing them
psychologically for the music business.

The School to School (s2s) program was also aimed at getting larger audience for the artists under its umbrella. It has also offered some music education verbally and by distributing around 3000 tutorial DVD’s to its participants in the schools they’ve visited.

Just like every other project that is still blossoming, it is difficult to get sponsors, but that still has not made the project to not go on. Thato funds and runs the project from his own pockets, obviously with the belief that one day things will work out.

He also does some fundraising events and sells some printed t-shirt’s in order to make money for the program. Thato also explained to me that his recent motivation came from his conversation with the Deputy Minister for Basic Education, Envy Sarty. He was
convinced not to just limit the project to schools only but extend it to the community at large.

Through the help of local community radio stations, by exposing some of the local artists, S2s will now hold their first annual art awards. The aim of the award ceremony is to give those who give their best in their art some recognition, inspire others to do even better and to market the artists to new audiences.

The award ceremony will be held on 4th of November (venue to be confirmed). S2S invites all artists (musicians, poets and visual artists only) if interested in being part of the awards to post their work on “S2S Arts Creative Youth Movement” page on Facebook. Registration closes October 15th 2017.

We all have a responsibility to ignite and inspire one another through our endeavors and Thato is a perfect example of that. #ladi_jaja?



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    Hi good people,I like to know when voting would start coz right now my page yet not activated thanks


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