Young and ambitious 22-year-old entrepreneur, Sunshine Siyabonga Matashika who is originally from Limpopo in a small town called Monsterlus and currently running ‘’TATSE WITH SUNSHINE’’ in Pretoria -Nana Sita street near Live Easy building, did not limit herself and decided to show the world what she is capable of with her cooking and baking skills.

Sunshine is from a family of pot lovers which had an influence of where she is today, as she began to love being in the kitchen at a very young age by helping her mother cook the ‘Sunday kos’, volunteer to cook at functions and for the family. She always wanted to be in the pots, ‘’I did not know I could study to be a chef until I was in Grade 11, and I jumped for that combination of subjects the minute I saw them even though I was unsure and hesitant at first’’.

Her love for cooking kept growing every day she learnt new recipes and did food combinations and ever since she started culinary, she then had big dreams for herself and knew that she wants to have one of her very own restaurants or kitchens which motivated her to establish her very own food business.

Taste with Sunshine was established on the 1st of December 2021 for the love of food and giving my customers the best food in town. The business is still small although the owner has big dreams for it and is hoping to achieve them when the time is right. She also believes that she will be able to create some job opportunities as her business expands and open more branches in Pretoria.

She does not limit herself as she is very optimistic and a go getter, also she is also a Content Creator and a Youtuber besides being a Chef. She wishes that all young people out there to not give up on their dreams as she was able to fulfil hers. ‘’if you have passion and love for something, stop dreaming about it only but get up and start with what you have. Make it possible’’ Sunshine Matashika.

By: Mamsi Nkosi.

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