A Facebook post doing the rounds alleges there are Tanzanian robbers at corner Bosman and Soutter (Francis Baard) in pretoria cbd. According to a post by Mahale Caiphus the culprits are allegedly found in the morning before sunrise and they kill people and they rob. “When they rob people they of their belongings they use a knife on you and they don’t care whether they step you on the neck or any where on your body. They normally want iphones, money and anything that is valuable.” Said Mahale.

He added that a couple of times he passed them robbing people. He further said police know about them and they don’t do anything.the other day they were robbing people in front of police.

“What I hate about them is when they rob they also stab you with a sharp object. There is a video on the internet that is circulating where they were killing a guy infront of people.” “The is an ATM there don’t even attempt to withdraw money they will hold you hostage until they finish your money and they kill you.please be careful when in town.I have spoken selah.” He concluded.

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