Greeting you all and welcome to yet another week of the Hot Box and stuff like that with yours faithfully Mawisa. The spirit of celebrating Mandela day is still upon us, but then I would like to urge everyone to make everyday a Mandela day, not only during the month of July or the 18th of July. Now back to business, this week I got an opportunity to sit with a Dj duo by the name Standrew from Pretoria. Keep it locked on #kasivibes to get to know them better. The world is indeed on their palms with their remarkable talent behind the decks.



Q. What’s the inspiration behind StanDrew?
A. It all started back in 2008 at varsity where we met, through music and its influential impact in our lives. We connected through the music we listened to and collected.

Q. Share with us some of those bad experiences you came across?
A. As much as we know that the music industry has its own ups and downs, we are not an exception. We encountered some few demoralizing situations and a lot of negative criticism on the type of skill we portray on the decks.

Q. How do you stay current?
A. The first thing is respect, it all starts with us. If we don’t respect each other, people won’t respect what we do. The second thing is dedication and motivation. Life has challenges that sometimes require you to be a better person than you were yesterday and also to always see the positive out of every situation.

Q. Will you be looking into venturing into production anytime soon?
A. It’s still early days, maybe in the near future as the brand starts growing to the next level.

Q. What sets you apart from other DJ duo’s in the industry?
A. StanDrew is known to play hip hop and house, what sets us apart from other duo’s is as soon as we step on the decks we don’t only focused on playing hip hop/house but take people on that elevating musical journey.

Q. Is there any community projects that StanDrew is involved in?
A. Yes there is quite a few, firstly what we do we visit orphanages, special schools and we host what we call StandDrew fun day where we braai/cook and entertain the kids via old school games and sport activities and obviously music.

Q. Briefly tell us about the Spring Fiesta competition.
A. Basically the competition is about giving upcoming DJ’s the opportunity to share a stage with international and national artists/DJ’s wherein our mix was chosen as one of the top 5 out of Pretoria and top 35 nationally.

Q. With that said how can people vote for you?
A. It’s a very easy and simple process where you just go to http://switchonthenight.co.za/springfiesta and follow the voting steps. You click on the Standrew DJ’s icon/picture and you’ll enter your name and email address. You can only vote once with one email address but can vote as many times as you like. Closing date is Wednesday 29 July 2015 midnight. If we win we stand a chance to play at the main stage at Spring Fiesta event in October 2015.

Q. Lastly what can people expect from you guys this year?
A. First and foremost our main goal is growing our brand, take it beyond Gauteng and South Africa, as well as to travel and showcase the power and skill of working together as a team, working towards one goal which is to unite music lovers and entertain the masses.

•••THE END•••

Social Platforms/ Booking Info

Facebook: Standrew DJs
Stanphoniq StanDrew Valla
Drewberry StanDrew Boiyane
Instagram: @standrewdjs
Email: standrewdjs@gmail.com
Cell: 0843719494/0784914295

I’m proud to say I’m from Pretoria because the talent we have is indeed world class. Pretoria is the Capital City of music, and our musicians still flying that flag high, it’s only a matter of time before the whole world sees it. Sustaining a brand is not child’s play but then this pair is doing a great job thus far by fusing house and hip hop music behind the decks. In order for us to achieve greatness with our brands, we need to support one another because at the end of the day we really need each other. Politics will not help us but delay us. With that said all the best for StanDrew’s DJs on their remarkable journey. Remember “be the change you want the world to be”.

Nothing but God’s love, peace and blessings upon you all.


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