The invincible U-Turn Ranch is a non-profit organization established by Mr. Peter Selolo with a mission to assist community leaders, and government officials to develop skills in Pretoria through horse riding and working with horses. Their mission is to provide the best community services and introduce the youth to a healthy lifestyle through horses in sports and working with horses. ‘’Our focus is on the youth and skills development through our vision of contributing to a healthier, peaceful and skilled community through horses.”

Their objectives are to create a community organisation that offer rehabilitation and skills development to vulnerable youth,’’ because the black South African black urban populations have little exposure to horses, The Invincible U-Turn Ranch saw that as an opportunity to empower youth and the community in the local townships with the skills of the Equestrian industry,’’ said Mr Selolo.

Equestrian can be both be a sport or profession and it provides many opportunities, some lead to job opportunities,’’Equestrian is a very effective management as it can keep many teenagers from roaming around the streets and The Invincible U-Turn Ranch makes it easier for the children to access the horse’s functionality and comfort.’’

The Invincible U-Turn Ranch caters for the changing lifestyle of the society where horses are used for different reason including as after-care for drug abusers after rehabilitation as one of their objectives is also to empower those aspiring to change their lives positively and assist those coping with life challenges.

‘’We are creating awareness of horses, horsemanship and equestrian sport to the school and community by creating job careers like Veterinary & farriers as the jobs will be created for the community to establish long lasting relationships between schools, communities, parents, learners, horses and projects’’.‘’We are for the community by the community.’’ Mr Selolo and The Invincible U-Turn Ranch team.

By: Mamsi Nkosi.

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